A Virtual Reality (VR) Tour is a digital tool that lets people explore a place as if they’re really there, right from their web browser. It’s designed to show every angle and detail, making it feel like an actual visit. What’s more, it combines different kinds of information within the tour – like text, pictures, sound, and videos – to make the experience even richer and give users a well-rounded understanding of the place they’re exploring.

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A Virtual Reality (VR) Tour is a digital tool that lets people explore a place as if they’re really there, right from their web browser. It’s designed to show every angle and detail, making it feel like an actual visit. What’s more, it combines different kinds of information within the tour – like text, pictures, sound, and videos – to make the experience even richer and give users a well-rounded understanding of the place they’re exploring.

VIRTUAL REALITY360° virtual tours – features & functions

VR Tour – the main bridge that brings your business to the Metaverse, helping to create an effective connection with customers. This is not just a way of conveying information but also a method to create a unique and impressive experience for customers.

360-Degree View

The virtual tour allows users to explore every angle of a location, from high to low, from left to right, creating the feeling of actually being there.

touch Interaction

Users can interact with elements in the virtual tour, such as moving, zooming in and out, rotating, and clicking to view detailed information about each item or location.

Easy Sharing

Users can easily share the virtual tour URL with friends and family through social media platforms, email, or messaging.

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product-catalog Service Integration

In addition to integrating information, Virtual tours can incorporate other services such as booking, shopping, etc., helping users save time and enhance their experience.

Analytical Statistics

With VR Tour, we can integrate tracking & analytical tools to analyze user behavior and interest in services.

cash-multipleLong-term Storage

VR Tour allows you to store comprehensive product information, facilitating customer reference, as well as efficient product management.

“A picture may convey a thousand words, but a Virtual Tour weaves a tapestry of tales, rich in colorful imagery and resonant sounds, bringing each scene to life in a symphony of visual and auditory splendor.”


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VR Tour helps visualize products and services, allowing customers to easily conceptualize and understand them. The virtual reality experience enhances knowledge and trust in the quality of our services.

Our VR Tour service is convenient to share through online channels such as Facebook, Zalo, making it easy for your products and services to reach the target customers.

VR Tour optimizes the online conversion process, encouraging customers to engage and interact immediately, aiming to increase conversion rates and revenue.

VR Tour helps you capture customer behavior, understand needs and preferences to optimize services, and increase business efficiency.


The applications of VR Tour are being implemented in the service packages of 360VR.


Real Estate Virtual Tour

VR tours are widely used in real estate: land, apartments, factories, etc. Through VR, customers can view the location, transportation, internal/external facilities, as well as the values that will be formed in the future.

VR TOUR Service for HORECA

Restaurant – Hotel – Cafe

Horeca (restaurant, hotel, cafe) can be integrated into various channels like social media, Google Maps, websites, etc., to help customers preview the online experience before using the services on site.


Store – Showroom – Shop

Not just an e-commerce website, because in addition to providing visual information as in a physical showroom, the VR application allows customers to experience the space as if they are shopping offline, yet they can do so right from their own home.


Tourist Area – Historical Sites – Scenic Spots

Following the upcoming trend, tourist areas, scenic spots, and historical sites are applying VR Tours to provide visitors with a realistic experience in a virtual environment, while also promoting their products to a global customer base without boundaries.


The typical process to complete a Virtual Tour product at 360VR, from receipt to completion, takes about 1 to 3 weeks.


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Our team will receive your request and then arrange a meeting for discussion and contract signing.

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After agreeing on the terms, we will advise on choosing a script that suits your product/service.


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Typically, we will have 3 sessions for direct product photography, and after the shoot, we will proceed with the work for about 2 weeks.

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Usually, after 2 weeks, there will be a draft version for the client, followed by 1 to 2 weeks for revisions and final product delivery.



For us, delivery only constitutes 90% of the completion. At 360VR, you will receive ongoing warranty and maintenance services for the duration of your usage.


“You might have many options, but we are certainly the most optimal choice”

Quality of service is always our top priority.

Our typical turnaround time is a maximum of 2 weeks after signing the contract, and for clients requiring faster service, we can complete it within 1 week.

Our prices are highly competitive; we streamline our operational model to provide customers with a comprehensive service at the best possible price.

Lifetime Warranty: Our VR Tour products come with a perpetual warranty, allowing customers to access and view their content at any time.

Our products are 100% unique; each of our clients receives distinct designs to optimize brand recognition and captivate customers’ minds when experiencing the VR Tour.

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the product upon completion.


Compilation of some frequently asked questions during the collaboration between 360VR and our clients or partners.

What are the requirements and preparations needed for a VR Tour?

All our clients will be advised to view similar products we have previously completed. However, if you want to see a custom demo designed for your organization, we require a 20% pre-payment before creating the demo, and this fee is non-refundable. Therefore, you can view our product demo page – it’s completely open and free.

How long does it take to complete a VR Tour?

Typically, the time for surveying and proposing the VR tour flow ideas is about 2 days, the actual filming/photography takes about 2–3 days, and then VR360 will edit and complete the project within 7–10 days more. The total time will be from 10 to 15 days.

What is the warranty and maintenance policy after product acceptance?

Certainly, typically 360VR offers you 3 major revisions in the first month, but rest assured, we provide a lifetime warranty to support clients with minor edits (without changing the agreed tour flow) throughout the usage period.

Can I preview the layout/demo/draft version?

Typically, one week after the contract is signed, V360 will provide a draft for the client to review and give feedback on the interface, as well as any additional ideas that need to be implemented. Clients who wish to see the products we have completed can revisit the ‘Completed Projects’ section.

What is the payment schedule like?

The payment schedule is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the customer pays 50% of the contract value within 3 days of signing the contract. In the second phase, the customer pays the remaining 50% within 3 days from the date of acceptance of the VR Tour product.

What information do you need about the contract and VAT?

The contract will be made in two copies, with each party keeping one. The prices quoted by 360VR do not include VAT. For customers who want to include VAT, please add an additional 10% to the quoted price.

explore our latest 360° vr tours

Join us in exploring the exemplary 360VR projects that we have executed and are authorized to share widely. If you would like to see more detailed demos for each field, please do not hesitate to contact us through Zalo.


Small-scale land plots, suitable for SME real estate businesses.



VR Tour of the Sunwah apartment, located in the Vinhome Grand Park area.



VR Tour of a townhouse helps to enhance the customer experience.



Garden land in suburban areas, VR is the optimal choice for customers to preview real estate from home.



Helps customers view all locations and specifications in the factory before coming for direct discussions.



Some demo products for stores, coffee shops, flycam, scenic spots,… preview demo.




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